Bachata originates from the Dominican Republic and is a partner dance. In different places of the World, you will see various styles of Bachata dancing. There are no strict rules. Largely you can distinguish three styles of Bachata:

Dominican style: Partners dance with some distance, but hold each others hands, often they use a lot of quick in between steps, the movements are spontaneous and adapted to the specific music they dance on. Turns and combinations of turns, like in Salsa, you will rarely see at all. Over the last few years the Dominican dance style has crossfaded more with raggaeton influences. The Dominican style is the most advanced and creative bachata style.

Danceschool style: In the United States of America and Europe, they teach Bachata in the classic dance position, where the two partners dance in a more close position, where the lead holds his right hand on the back of his dance partner. No quick steps are made, however, some turns will be taught.

Antillian style: On Curacao a bachata dance style emerged, where on every fourth beat of the measure, a tap with a short lift of the hip is made. So you see a tap with a “pop”,. This style has reached The Netherlands and also some other countries. The older Antillian generation sometimes even tilt their shoulder on the tap. A common misconception is that the ‘pop’  belongs to Bachata dancing, but in its country of origin, The Dominican Republic, the ‘pop’ is not common.

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