General information

General information

Passion With Flow is a place where Latin, Carribbean and African dance classes can be taken in the Dutch city, Nijmegen. Please also note that we are always willing to offer such services in other cities in The Netherlands.

As our dance classes are facilitated by professional instructors, we are committed to providing a safe and comfortable atmosphere with an emphasis on having fun. Interested in experiencing what Passion With Flow has to offer? Please sign up here for an introductory session, which is free of charge.

Passion with Flow not only provides enthusiasts with dance classes, but also organizes parties, workshops and other events. One of such events is “Latin and Afro Vibes”, where you can demonstrate your acquired skills to friends and just enjoy dancing. Please see our schedule for detailed information of parties, workshops and other events.

Interested in a particular type of event, for example: a bachelor party, birthday, company event or wedding party? As these events are the perfect opportunity to demonstrate your skills, please book a workshop with us. These workshops will be made to match your preferences, so please let us know what type of event you have in mind.

Taking dance classes with Passion With Flow

We currently offer Kizomba, Zouk, Bachata, Salsa, and West Coast Swing; please click on: KizombaZoukBachataWest Coast Swing

Important information for people with lower incomes:

The municipality of Nijmegen offers residents with a low income the “Meedoen-regeling”(“Participation-arrangement”), an arrangement that allows residents of this municipality to take dance classes with us. For more information, plesae click here.


Our dance school offers classes at different levels. Click here for an overview.

Elzenstraat 4
6523 EV Nijmegen

Signing up without dance partner

Please note that you can sign up with or without a dance partner at Passion With Flow. What’s more, as you will be dancing with a partner in class, we always aim to achieve an equal representation of the sexes in each class.

Reaching your desired level

Please also note that it is always possible to discuss you individual preference so as to make sure that you are able to reach your desired level, which is a process that might take a bit longer for some, than for others. Passion With Flow offers you the guidance you need to reach your goals.

Clothing and footwear/Dress code

You can wear anything that is deemed appropriate in a social setting, so make sure that it is something you feel comfortabl in. As for dance shoes, we recommend buying and wearing shoes with a special smooth sole. Ladies are also allowed to wear heels if they are able to already dance on those. In sum, starting with flat shoes would be best to learn basic techniques well, after which women are allowed to start wearing heels.