Kizomba is a dance genre, originating from Angola, a country in Southern Africa, created in the  1980’s. It means party in the Kimbundu, an Angolan language. Kizomba is a mix of traditional Semba music with other genres like Zouk. Kizomba is characterised by a sensual and romantic style. In Kizomba dance, leading and following gets a new dimension.

Take a Kizomba course and learn this popular dance.

The lesson

You will learn the fundamentals of Kizomba: connecting with your dance partner. Upon which will be the emphasis/focus throughout the whole course. The basic steps and techniques will be taught. Once you are familiar with the fundamentals or basics, we will expand your techniques and you will learn new dance steps/turn patterns, so taking lessons from our professional and skilled instructors will improve your dance skills.

Further on during the course, there will be time to learn about musicality, rhythm, body posture, body movement, styling and personal improvements.

During the course you will change dance partners, so you learn dancing with different people and you get to know your fellow dancemates better.

Passion With Flow teaches Kizomba Urban, also called Urban Kiz. If you and your dance partner desire Classic or Sensual Kizomba, it is also possible to pay attention on that. The idea behind Classic Kizomba is two persons move as one.


Passion With Flow offers the next levels

Without dance partner

At PWF you can sign up for a dance course with or without a dance partner, during class you will

dance with a partner and we do our utmost to reach an equal number of males and females.


Passion With Flow Family

When you attend a dance course at Passion with Flow, you get access to the Passion With Flow page, where you can find (or example) movies from our dance teachers, showing you the dance steps and figures, which you have learned. So you can easily practice at home.

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