[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6d8-6dbe6Qc” width=”100 height=”50″] Zouk, also known as “the dance of love” has played a big part in the Latin and Caribbean dance world for many years. In the Kweyol language, Zouk means “party” and it exists since the 60s. Zouk is a more romantic and quiet descendent of the Lambada. As a music genre, it has its roots in Martinique and Guadeloupe, however the dance has evolved in Brazil.

Zouk offers a lot of space for variation and creativity, Zouk is graceful, elegant and dynamic. The boom-chic-chic (slow- quick-quick) rhythm makes the dance elegant. A lot of dancing with the upper body and the “hair”waving is so typical for Zouk.

Besides dancing together, more experienced Zouk dancers will also lead and follow without making body contact. These special elements make Zouk one of the most beautiful, expressive and graceful dances within the Latin and Caribbean dance world.
Take a Zouk course and learn this popular dance!

The Course
You will learn the fundamentals of Kizomba: connecting with your dance partner. Upon which will be the emphasis/focus throughout the whole course. The basic steps and techniques will be taught. Once you are familiar with the fundamentals or basics, we will expand your techniques and you will learn new dance steps/turn patterns, so taking lessons from our professional and skilled instructors will improve your dance skills.

Further on during the course, there will be time to learn about musicality, rhythm, body posture, body movement, styling and personal improvements.

During the course you will change dance partners, so you learn dancing with different people and you get to know your fellow dancemates better.

Passion With Flow biedt de volgende niveaus aan.

Zonder danspartner
At PAssion With Flow you can sign up for a dance course with or without a dance partner, during class you will dance with a partner and we do our utmost to reach an equal number of males and females.

Passion With Flow Family
When you attend a dance course at Passion With Flow, you get access to the Passion With Flow page, where you can find (or example) movies from our dance teachers, showing you the dance steps and figures, which you have learned. So you can easily practice at home.

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